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Focusing on traditional and holistic counselling techniques for awareness, empowerment, guidance and healing. The certificate in holistic counselling course is divided into five main sections:

Holistic Living - delving into the mind, body, spirit and heart.

Meditation - learning to facilitate various forms and styles of meditation for individuals and groups.

Counselling - understanding the mind and its contribution to health and happiness; and learning to incorporate counselling skills and concepts into holistic healing sessions.

Energy healing - exploring the chakras and aura and learning how to assess, boost and heal these energy systems.

Clinical practice - how to plan, prepare and facilitate healing sessions.

Duration: 12 months

Course duration: 10 months plus 2 additional months to allow for the midyear and end of year college breaks. 

Extensions: Students can continue to study beyond the 12 month duration for a monthly fee of $55.

Hours of study:  Approximately 2 to 5 hours per week to complete the course within the 12 month timeframe.

Minimum duration: This course can be completed in 8 months with full time study - 4 to 10 hours per week.  

Study hours are approximate and dependent on the student's study pace. 

Note: The college closes for the month of June and two weeks into July for the  mid year break; and the last two weeks of December and all of January for the end of year break. During the college breaks, students can continue to study, but they cannot submit work or conduct their case study exams.

Enrolments are accepted throughout the year as placements become available. Students can commence their course as soon as they receive their study materials. 

Click here to Register Interest in Enrolment  

Note: Applicants must be 18 years of age or over to enrol. 

Study Format:
The Holistic Counselling certificate course is designed for home study with tutorial assistance via  email.


The certificate in Holistic Counselling is much more than a course; it's a journey. I not only learnt so much about the counselling process and the role that energy and spirituality play in a person's healing; but I also learnt an enormous amount about myself. My life has changed for the better in so many ways.

All of the information presented was easy to understand. The activities were thoroughly enjoyable and the supervision process was broken down and set up in a way that I felt supported and comfortable with something that was quite new to me.

Whether it's for professional or personal purposes, this course is invaluable. 

Meagan Wittchen, SA
Registered Nurse

Course Fees (Incl. GST): 
Fee includes Holistic Counselling I & Supplement PDF Manuals on a USB Flash Drive (or via Dropbox for international students or students that don' have a USB drive on their computer)

Course Fee: $985 payable upon enrolment. (Concession Fee $885) 
                                 All course materials are provided for upfront.

Exam Fee:      $90 payable when the student is ready to commence their case study exam.

Note: Payment plans are not available


Module 1 HCA102 Holistic Counselling I (232 pages)

  • The holistic approach
  • Living a holistic lifestyle
  • The physical body
  • The intellectual body
  • The emotional body
  • The spiritual body
  • Meditation
  • Breathing exercises
  • Qi Gong exercises
  • Visualisation
  • Facilitating meditation
  • Counselling awareness
  • Counselling skills
  • Counselling techniques

Module 2.1 EHS2102 Energy Healing Supplement (136 pages)

  • The chakra system
  • Overview of the chakras
  • Comprehensive view of the main chakras
  • Minor Chakras
  • Kundalini
  • Chakra maintenance
  • Chakras assessment
  • Chakra associations
  • The auric system
  • Research & history
  • Auric layers
  • Aura assessment
  • Aura maintenance
  • Aura healing
  • Energy healing contraindications

Module 5.1 CPSS5102 Clinical Practice Supplement (37 pages)

  • Health history & consent form
  • The consultation
  • The healing session
  • Healer preparations
  • Healing categories
  • Professional Ethics

General Information

Manuals: The manuals are very comprehensive, have a flexible weekly study schedule and are comprised of a balance of theory and practical activities. Meditations are delivered on sound files within the manuals so that you are able to take yourself through each meditation. Activities are delivered in a step by step process and where relevant are accompanied by video clips making them easy to follow for students of all levels. 

Supplements: Supplement modules 2.1 Energy Healing & 5.1 Clinical Practice are study partners for certificate courses, providing correspondence students with healing and practice foundations relevant to certificate level. (Please note that the supplement modules are subsidised to maintain cost effectiveness for certificate students)

Tutorial Assistance: Written feedback and guidance as needed, is provided to students when they submit their assessment activities. Students may also email when they have questions pertaining to their course.

Extras: This course contains some activities that require the use of the following crystal implements - a quartz pendulum, amethyst druze and satin spar. These implements may be bought from from crystal or new age stores. With the exception of the quartz pendulum, the remaining implements are optional as the activities may be conducted without them.

Currency: All course fees are in Australian dollars and include GST. A payment option (excluding GST) is available for overseas students. Fees are strictly non refundable.


This course provided so much more than I had imagined. Not only did I learn some valuable counselling skills, I was able to work through some of my own issues that had been holding me back. I had not expected that.

I highly recommend this course to anyone, for both personal and professional growth.

Helen, VIC

There are no prerequisites for the certificate courses. However Reiki, or a similar hands on healing workshop may be helpful for students that have no experience in energy healing.

Advancement: Students that successfully complete this certificate will receive credit for the Holistic Counselling I module and part credit for the Metaphysical Studies module, should they wish to continue their studies with the Diploma in Holistic Counselling, Diploma in Complementary Therapies or the Dual Diploma in Holistic Counselling and Complementary Therapies.  A credit is also available for modules 2.1 and 5.1 if students wish to continue their studies with another NEC certificate course.

Accreditation: All distance learning courses offered by Natural Energies College are recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists and Nationally Accredited with the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association, enabling graduates to obtain membership with the AHHCA or IICT and gain practitioner insurance in order to practise professionally.

Please note: Government benefits, assistance and funding such as Austudy and centre link study allowance are not available with this course.

Computer/software requirements for Manuals: Recent or the latest versions of Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player (these can be downloaded free from the internet); up to date Antivirus software; USB drive (see below for alternative); Sound Card; a Media Player  - Windows Media Player or Quicktime (media players can be downloaded free from the internet). and Microsoft Word (or a compatible program). Students will need internet access in order to email their assessments, correspond with the college and receive college updates.

- The manuals can be sent to students via Dropbox, if their computer does not have a USB drive.

- Old operating systems may need to be updated in order to enable full functionality of the PDF manuals. 

Course schedule, fees syllabus & course conditions are subject to change without notice in order to maintain up to date information and meet any new industry standards and AHHCA regulations.



What type of assessment activities do I need to complete with this course?
Assessment activities are designed to assist you in developing the necessary skills of a healer. The majority of assigned work will be practical. Upon practising each activity, you will then type up a summary of the activity; your observations and the outcome and submit this to the college via email. 

You will need to practise your new skills on friends or family as well as engaging in self analysis and self healing activities. Therefore whilst you are learning, you are also creating a happier, healthier life for yourself and your loved ones. By doing so, you also become a positive role model for your clients as well as developing an empathy towards the processes that you will be taking your clients through.

How often do I need to submit work?
Assessment activities must be submitted monthly (at least). If you are unable to submit work for a particular month, that's fine as long as you notify the college via email prior to or during the month in question. The college will provide you with a recommended quota of activities to submit each month; however you can increase (up to 9) or decrease (down to 1) this quota to suit your lifestyle. If you submit less than the recommended monthly quota, then it is just a matter of catching up in other months.

Do I need to attend classes on campus at any time during the course?
No, the entire holistic counselling course is delivered via correspondence. Students will submit their work via email.

I do not live in Australia. Can I still enrol in your courses?
Yes, our correspondence courses are available to overseas students from New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Overseas* students may enrol in any of the certificate and diploma courses in holistic counselling, complementary therapies, colour therapy, metaphysical studies and crystal healing.

* Exclusions may apply. Please email the college if your country or region is not specifically listed above.

Are your certificate and diploma courses available nationally in Australia?
Yes, our correspondence courses are open to students living in Australia nationwide, country and cities: Melbourne Victoria, Sydney New South Wales, Brisbane Queensland, Perth Western Australia, Adelaide South Australia, Hobart Tasmania, Darwin Northern Territory and Canberra. All certificate and diploma courses in holistic counselling, complementary therapies, colour healing, metaphysical studies and crystal healing are available to Australian students.

Are there exams?
You will complete (in your home)  an online, open book multiple choice exam for each module plus a clinical practice exam comprising of one case study towards the end of your course.

What is involved in the clinical practice exam?
The clinical practice exam requires you to take one volunteer client through weekly healing sessions for 7 weeks. You will have supervision and guidance via  email to assist you with planning and facilitating your case study sessions. The aim of the clinical practice exam is to provide you with experience in your chosen field and to build your confidence in working as a holistic healer. Your clinical practice exam is conducted in your own home or at a wellbeing centre in your local area.

Who is this course suitable for?

"Tutors very helpful"

I have really enjoyed studying with Natural Energies College. The course content can be used for both personal and professional healing. The tutors were very helpful and their response to queries was timely.  Thank you!

Polly, VIC


  • People that are already working in the health and wellbeing industry that would like to assist their clients with basic counselling techniques; holistic living, meditation and chakra/auric healing as complementary treatment for pain relief, relaxation, stress management and healing.
  • Existing practitioners that would like to incorporate holistic counselling skills and techniques into their practice.
  • People that are wanting to run meditation workshops or classes for relaxation and wellbeing.
  • People that would like to begin their studies slowly with a certificate course prior to deciding whether to proceed with a Diploma level course.


  • People that would like to learn more about holistic living, meditation and counselling for their own personal development and wellbeing and that of their friends and family.
  • People that are interested in self exploration and the mind’s connection to health and wellbeing of body, mind and spirit.

Will successful completion of the course provide me with a professional qualification?
Upon successful completion of the Certificate in Holistic Counselling course, you will be entitled to incorporate counselling techniques into your existing practice or with future healing certificates. Eg. combining counselling techniques with Reiki or another energy healing modality. 

Graduates will be eligible for Practitioner Membership with the IICT or AHHCA which will enable them to obtain practitioner insurance so that they can practice as a Holistic Healer.

NOTE: Students wanting to have and work under the title of Holistic Counsellor must complete the Diploma in Holistic Counselling.

What do I receive upon graduation?
Upon graduation you will receive a:

  • Certificate of qualification in Holistic Counselling I
  • Statement of results
  • Graduation letter
  • Recommendation letter for AHHCA practitioner membership

All courses are nationally accredited with the Australian Holistic Healers and Counsellors Association
and recognised by the International Institute of Complementary Therapists.
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