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Are your courses accredited?
Can I be placed in touch with your students or graduates?
Can I enrol in two certificates at the same time?
Can I purchase a module separately, rather than enrol in a course?
Do I need to start with a Certificate Course?
Do we have to attend classes at any time?
Do you have on-campus courses?
I am moving overseas. Can I still continue my studies?
I don't have my Reiki certificates. Can I still enrol in a Diploma course?
I live in the USA/Canada. Can I enrol in your courses?
Is Therapeutic Touch an acceptable substitute for the Reiki prerequisite?
When do I submit copies of my Reiki certificates?
When do your courses commence?


Can I become a member of an association whilst studying?
Can I speak to the college on the phone?
Can my Certificate/Diploma be issued in a different name?
Do I need to complete each module within a specific time frame?
Does the college have term holidays?
Does the specified hours of study time include practical assessment and homework?
I will be going away for 4 weeks during my studies. Will that be a problem?
What documentation do I receive upon graduation?
Will I be able to connect with other NEC students during my studies?


Are concession fees available?
Are there other costs besides the course fees, payable to the college?
Can I get Centrelink or other Government payments via your courses?
Do you have payment plans available?

Homework and Exams

Are there exams?
Do we have to complete essays?
How often do I need to submit work?
Is tutorial assistance provided?
What type of homework/assignments will I need to complete?

Transfers and Deferment

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