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Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas


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I am so fortunate to have found Natural Energies College with its range of exciting course options. 

Making a choice proved difficult. I realised I wanted to study it all! 

So I chose the Dual Diploma. My journey from that single decision has led me on a stimulating, spiritually enlivening, intense and joyful holistic learning adventure. 

I am already sharing what I have learned with others through practical assignments. 

Thank you for developing such a comprehensive course. 

Thank you also for your wonderful guidance, inspiration and ready willingness to help me achieve my best.

Jeanette, Dual Diploma Student


The Dual Diploma course was so much more than I had imagined in the beginning. 

It has been a delightful journey of personal development on the way to becoming a complementary therapist and holistic counsellor.

An extremely thorough, high quality, inspiring and empowering course that has given me a very strong, broad and deep understanding to help people effectively in my future.

Giselle Geiger QLD
Holistic Health Counsellor and Therapist

Personal Growth

Great course for personal growth, as well as learning skills on all levels to help others. 

Supervision support was always available - encouraging, helpful and caring advice.

Dianne, VIC
School Support Officer

Highly Recommend

Studying the dual diploma has changed my life both personally and professionally. I have gained many tools to heal my own mind, body & spirit, as well as the knowledge and tools to pass on to others and help them live their best lives. My thanks to Stephanie for her knowledge, wisdom and patience. I highly recommend the Dual Diploma to all.

Amanda Pattenden, VIC
Massage Therapies/ Holistic Healer


I now have confidence in applying the knowledge and skills acquired.... 

I use this gained awareness in every aspect of living and teaching.

I feel at peace with myself.... 

Thank you for an enjoyable journey. This confirms my purpose in life.

Corrine Brown
International Examiner & Holistic Trainer


This course has been nothing but life-changing  for me and inspirational, on a personal and professional level. I found the course engaging, rewarding and empowering. It has enabled me to reach a greater depth of understanding and appreciation for myself as well as others around me. It has helped me become more aware of self and others.

The knowledge and experience I have gained through the course has certainly helped me support my clients as they heal their lives. I have attained a greater depth of understanding, compassion, love and an appreciation for the human experience. This course is a must for someone looking to support others in their journey of healing as well as creating a balanced peaceful and happy experience of life for themselves.

I highly recommend this course for those who wish to seek their own truth and then in turn help others in their own development. Many thanks to the Principal Stephanie, for her invaluable insight and support in helping me become the person I am today through the wisdom and practical experience I have gained from her course.

I enjoyed this course immenseley and am very grateful for the experience.

April Vigurs, NSW
Reiki Master/Practitioner

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Diploma Holistic Counselling

Thank You

Following my heart and intuition, I chose holistic counselling over a traditional counselling course.  

This particular course enabled me to work with clients in healing on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. 

It has been so enjoyable personally, and given me so much professionally - the obvious skills as a counsellor, but also tools to enhance my existing work. 

I have loved every part of this course. Thank you, I am eternally grateful.

Clare Evans, NSW
Reflexologist/Holistic Counsellor

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Diploma Complementary Therapies

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Professionally Presented

I would be happy to recommend the Certificate in Crystal Healing to anyone who has a real interest in the subject and wants to further their knowledge. 

I found it to be comprehensive, interesting, fun, challenging and very professionally presented.


Sue, VIC

Healing Power

I always liked crystals and had read a few books about crystal healing; but after starting this crystal healing certificate I realised that all the previous books I read were 'kindergarten level' compared to all the information I learned from the college manuals.

I really enjoyed this entire course; it completely changed my life. 

Thank you.

Yvonne Kapczuk, NSW
Book Keeper/Reiki Practitioner


I thoroughly enjoyed completing this course.

The support from the tutor was beneficial in  understanding and applying the course content.

I look forward to continuing my study with the college in the future.

Tallulah, QLD
Clinic Manager


I found the course to be uncomplicated, informative and thoroughly enjoyable.

Being able to incorporate crystals adds as amazing dimension to my energy work.

The support and feedback I received from my tutor was always empowering and encouraging.

Jayne, VIC

Perfectly Organised

The crystal healing course is fun, interesting and jam packed with heaps of useful and interesting info. The hands on approach makes the material easily applicable in the real world. I think you do a fantastic job of teaching – the course is perfectly organised and very professional.

Bayden Slater
Natural Healing Practitioner

Personal Growth

I would recommend this course to anyone that would like personal growth. 

My eyes have been opened to another way of seeing the world. It has been a fantastic experience.  

Thank you!

Sue, ACT

Great Course

I enjoyed every bit of the course; I loved the activities. 

Very detailed, informative and comprehensive.  Easy manuals to follow. 

I learnt so much and was very pleased with the content.

Good feedback from the tutor to assist me in progressing through my studies.

 I recommend the course to anyone that loves to help people and wants to make changes in their own lives and others. It has opened my eyes to a better life. 

Thank you.

Trish, QLD

Greater Awareness

This course has developed me as an individual and as a healer in so many ways. 

I have a greater awareness of myself, my abilities & my inner voice - and most importantly, I have learned to trust myself throughout this wonderful process.

As a healer, I am better qualified and equipped to offer people more methods & variety in their healing process so that they can find the most fitting path to themselves.

I have enjoyed, if not relished this course..... 

Thank you Stephanie for this amazing opportunity and process.

Geraldine Heffernan


I found the course to be very insightful. There was a lot of information and very well put together.

It was empowering, interesting and I loved doing all the assessments and case studies. 

Very enjoyable.

Cherie, VIC


This course was so beautiful. 

When I began it I was a little lost so I chose to do a course for enjoyment and something to focus on. I  found it opened me up to a whole new way of life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it for anyone that is considering studying crystal healing. 

I found it perfect for me to study around my working hours and do it in my own time.

The course material and practical activities were wonderful and covered everything I needed to  learn.

Danell, VIC
Customer Service/ Duty Manager

New Direction

Coming from a nursing background and delving into the metaphysical world, I found this course to be truly inspirational. 

It has allowed me to find new direction in my life whilst helping me to put my fears of uncertainty to rest. 

Working with crystals is truly amazing.

Emily Kisvarda
Registered Nurse

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