Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas
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Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas

Are there other costs besides the course fees, payable to the college?

The following costs may also apply:

Exam Fees - (Cert. $90  Dip. $155) payable towards the end of your course, prior to commencing your case study exam. The exam fees are a one off cost for all combined exams (not per exam).

Extension Fees - (Cert. $55 Dip. $110) monthly extension fees apply if students choose to extend their course duration.

Postage & Handling - a ($25) delivery fee applies for diploma students paying in module instalments and choosing to receive their (remaining) modules via USB. (A dropbox option is also available with no delivery fee).

Reinstatement Fee - a ($65) reinstatement fee applies if the student places their course on hold or they wish to reinstate their enrolment after it has lapsed.

Module Replacements- a replacement fee applies ($15 via dropbox and $25 via USB) if a student loses their manual and requires a replacement. 

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