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Do I need internet access to study?

The course manuals are sent to you on a USB via registered post, so you don't need internet access to view them. 

You will however need internet access to email your homework to us each month (you will be attaching Microsoft Word documents to your emails) and of course to receive your homework once it is graded. As long as you don't include large (or any) images in your work, then your file sizes should be quite small, thus making them easier to send.

We send a quarterly newsletter via email and also send update emails to students as the need arises.

We do have student only pages on our website and you would need internet access to view these; but they are not essential to the study process. You will also need internet access to complete your multiple choice module exams (at the end of each module). If you live in a remote area and have concerns about your internet speed for the exams, you could organise to complete them elsewhere, such as a public library where internet speed would be faster. The exam duration is 2 hours, but most students would finish each exam in 30 min to 1 hr. 

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