Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas
Natural Energies College
Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas

Mission Statement

The Natural Energies College Mission Statement represents the college's purpose and ethics; the course aims and the college's approach to teaching and its students:-

To educate students in holistic healing at practitioner level with courses that are theoretically sound, experiential and ethical in training and practise.

To provide a professional accredited training ground for a broad range of natural and esoteric therapies.

To provide comprehensive, practical and professional training for all students, whether they be studying for personal development, embarking on a new career, or existing healers updating their qualifications.

To produce graduates that can offer integrated healing using a variety of modalities/techniques to cater to the diverse requirements in healing and wellbeing that exist today in our society.

To teach students to practise holistic healing ethically, confidently and safely.

To assist graduates in gaining practitioner membership with the AHHCA and professional indemnity insurance in order to practise professionally as Complementary Therapists.

To treat each student with respect, dignity, sensitivity, care and confidentiality; as they in turn are to treat in the same manner, those in their care.

To provide flexibility in study so as to cater for students varying lifestyles from full time workers, students, parents and carers, to part time workers, unemployed, retirees and students with health challenges.

To assist and guide students in their personal development of mind, body & spirit. To encourage students to heal themselves and maintain their wellbeing so as to be positive role models.

To awaken and draw out the innate healing and intuitive abilities that exist within each student.

To encourage students to build their self trust & confidence; expand their perception of life and beyond; and pursue their potential in life, happiness and learning.

To positively benefit the wider community by teaching those that will in turn, teach, heal and guide others; so that the teachings and wisdoms of old and new will continue to be passed down from one generation to the next for the benefit of all mankind.

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