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Note: For the next three months, (till 30th June 2020), due to the impact of Covid 19, we will not be requiring proof of concession status. Concession fees are offered on a trust basis to any applicant that has experienced financial hardship due to Covid 19.

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Please select only one course. You will have the option to change your selection when a placement is offered to you.

We will endeavour to offer you a placement according to your selection below.  

If you select 'I am ready to enrol this week' or the next available intake, then an application will be sent to you within two working days. Note: The 'I am ready to enrol this week' option is not always available.

If you select a future date to enrol, then an invitation to enrol will be sent to you up to four weeks prior to your chosen month. 


Please use the form in the Contact Us page for any queries.


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