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Anger & healthy energy flow - Releasing anger for healthier, peaceful living

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Spring is associated with the liver and gall bladder meridians. The emotion of anger weakens these two meridians causing blockages that can over time manifest into physical illness. By alleviating our anger we release the blockages, enabling energy to flow freely within these meridians.
Take a moment to consider whether you are harbouring any anger. Sometimes anger can be disguised as resentment, frustration or irritability.

Write down your anger in a letter or journal format. Write down any thoughts or emotions that you feel in regards to this anger and the incident from which it originated. Do not filter your words; allow the raw emotions to come out as they are.

Read what you have written several times over. Reading out loud is recommended as it also acts as a release for the anger. When the words no longer affect you greatly, go for a walk or other type of exercise to release the anger from your body.

Once the anger has subsided, tear up what you have written and throw it out as a symbolic gesture of letting go.

You might like to conclude your ritual by sitting somewhere in quiet contemplation and focusing on pleasant imagery or peaceful thoughts, in order to reinforce your new state of mind and the healthy chi running through your liver and gall bladder meridians.



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