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Archangel Invocations

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Invocation for Tests/Exams

Archangel Jophiel

Bring joy and success

knowledge comes easy

from study to test.

Inspire (insert name) to create

What he/she aspires

With faith and confidence

manifests his/her desires.

Help (insert name) in his/her quest

to learn and explore

Expanding their horizons

Gaining wisdom from all.

I beseech you now

to charge this wish

with your angelic light

for the success of (name) with their exams.

I honour and thank you

Invocation to improve a relationship

Ruler of Venus

Within and without

Let love always reign

Around and throughout.

Make harmony flow

From every which way

A balanced love

In their (or our) every day.

To surrender to love

To trust and care

To speak with kindness

Of each other aware.

Through action and thought

acceptance and grace

a blessed union

Two souls embrace.

I beseech you now

To charge (insert name of couple)

With your angelic light.

I honour and thank you                 

Invocation to heal self

Angel of healing

Restore balance to my being

Heal me on all levels

The physical and unseen.

Expand my wisdom

To have sight of whole

To know how to cure

From body to soul.

Assist me to heal

A long life to lead

Restore balance and love

With kindness and speed.

I beseech you now

To charge me

With your healing light

So that my health is restored.

I honour and thank you



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