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Ask and ye shall receive - Basic manifesting

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Ask and ye shall receive. There was a time when these words were simply a line out of a religious text, something I had put little stock in. But for a brief moment in time, the phrase kept popping up - in conversations, books, cards, T.V., even in my dreams - until I decided to take the message literally. So, I asked. I didn't direct my request to a specific entity, but rather I asked out loud, to the air, Spirit, the elements... I asked, and I received.

If it sounds too easy, it's because it was. Now I didn't ask to win millions of dollars or to magically fly. I asked for what I needed and sometimes what I wanted - small requests in the grand scheme of things. And they always came, sometimes not quite as I expected, but then again, I wasn't always specific.

My point is, that the most basic form of manifesting is to simply ask. When you need help, guidance or some little earthly pleasure, try asking out loud. Spirit will always help in some way, shape or form. But there are a few golden rules:

  • Spirit cannot intervene with destiny
  • Spirit cannot decide for you
  • Spirit cannot intervene with another’s free will
  • Be specific but only if specifics are crucial
  • Disbelief will counteract your request
  • Always have the intent to receive safely and healthily
  • Be careful what you ask for
  • Working towards your goals will motivate spirit to work with you



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