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Crystal Healing - Rose Quartz

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Rose Quartz is traditionally known as the stone of love. Not only does it energetically resonate to matters of the heart; but its pink colour also lends itself to this purpose. Below are three simple grids dealing with three types of love. 

Grid 1: Intimate Love (To attract or strengthen)
Begin by locating the relationship area of your bedroom. To do so, stand at the doorway facing into your bedroom. The relationship area is the (furthest) top right hand corner from where you are standing. Place in this area two small tumbled rose quartz crystals together. If you are already in a relationship, placing the crystals on top of a photo of the two of you will enhance the effect. (Ensure there are no other people in the photo).

Grid 2: Platonic Love (to create harmony between family members, colleagues or flat mates)
You will need two rose quartz crystals, each roughly the size of a computer mouse. Place one crystal in the North of the room and the other in the South, so that they are opposite each other. Place them in a room that the inhabitants of the building use together often.

Grid 3: Self Love  (to encourage/build on self love)
Place one rose quartz (any size) over a photo of yourself. Place the photo and crystal next to a mirror that you look into daily.

Note: Remember to programme your crystals before using them and cleanse them as needed.



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