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Energy maintenance - Protecting and boosting yourself energetically

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Try the following three tips to maintain your confidence and energy levels and to prevent picking up others people’s emotions or feeling drained after an interaction with another person.

Protect your aura. The aura is like a magnet. It picks up emotions from thoughts and feelings that other people have in our environment. It can even pick up sensations leaving us thinking we have a sudden headache or pain in a part of our body. One way of protecting the aura is via deep breathing exercises. Deep breathing expands the aura and increases its resistance. You can combine this with a visualisation of a protective bubble around the aura or by wearing a programmed protective crystal such as a clear quartz.

Zip up the conception meridian. When this meridian is compromised, we can experience a loss in confidence, a feeling of vulnerability and fatigue. To prevent or counteract these feelings, run your fingertips from the pubic bone to the chin in one straight line three times (ensuring you do not go backwards from the chin to the pubic bone). For increased protection pinch your skin at the chin and twist it towards your left ear (as if turning a switch).

Protect the solar plexus. When you feel that someone is draining your energy, this is occurring via the solar plexus. A simple way to stop this is by placing your hand over the solar plexus or visualising a shield in this area.



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