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Mainstream wellbeing for the spiritual body

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We are all different. Some people are religious, some people are spiritual and others are somewhere in between. But what happens if you are neither? How does one maintain their spiritual body, if they don’t believe or are unsure of the metaphysical?

The truth is, you don’t have to believe in spirit, in order to have a spirit. Nor is it necessary to subscribe to something you don’t believe in, in order to maintain holistic health. Along with the spiritual, there are several mainstream means of ensuring your energetic systems are as healthy as your physical ones.

Exercise & wellbeing – Physical exercise not only stimulates blood and lymph circulation, it also encourages healthy energy flow within your meridians, aura and chakras. As does eating well, rest and nurture and general wellbeing maintenance.

State of mind and heart – If you are more of a person of science than you are of God, then you will subscribe to cause and effect. In other words, what you put into something, is what you generally get out of it. A positive state of mind, is more likely to see a positive outcome. As will kindness, compassion, gratitude and light heartedness. What goes around comes around. From a spiritual point of view, a positive state of mind and heart keeps the body’s energy systems healthy and also creates an energetic domino effect so that you are also giving to the world around you via your thoughts and actions.

Nature – What do you do when you are unsure of who or what you believe in? Head to nature. Whether it is the sea, a mountain, forest or park. Sitting in contemplation or sky diving; gardening or rock climbing, a walk on the beach or hiking. What all these have in common is nature – perhaps earth’s own tangible higher power. Along with physical and mental benefits, nature also cleanses and boosts the body’s energy systems and allows us to connect to a living system beyond our own.



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