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Relationships - Dealing with change

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There are some facts that are true no matter how much our world changes. One of those facts, is that relationships are not black and white. They are every colour and shade under the sun. They come and go. They last days, months, years. They weaken, they strengthen; they break, they mend…. They change.

He/she promised me forever….

Sometimes life will deviate from the plan in your mind. Promises will be broken. Mistakes will be made. Minds will be changed; and the lines between good and bad will sometimes merge. But all is not lost.

New beginnings…..

When a promise is broken, it usually creates an opportunity; an open door. This may be anything from a new direction to opening the lines of communication. Either way, it often leads to a more truthful existence.

People make mistakes…

When a mistake is made, it enables us to learn. It humbles us. But through forgiveness it also can lead to strengthening human ties. Sometimes our mistakes act as a reminder that what matters most, are people and our connection to them. Mistakes can reawaken love, intensify our compassion and reinforce our ‘oneness’.

People change….

When someone changes, it often means they have learned. They have grown. They have made a new discovery about life, or themselves or are in the process of this. If we never changed, we would still be living in caves.

In the meantime, how do we deal with change? Well, this leads us to that other truth that is perhaps one of the greatest coping mechanisms of our time: ‘To accept the things we cannot change, and change the things we can; and to have the wisdom to know the difference’

I cannot change this

but I can refocus.

I cannot change you

but I can change me.

I cannot fight this

but I can declare peace.

I cannot control you

but I can control me.

I cannot forget

but I can forgive.

I cannot take back

but I can look forward.

I cannot numb this

but I can let myself feel…..

…..knowing in time I will heal.



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