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Seasonal Living - Summer

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Tips for living according to the energy of Summer:

Put your plans into action. Is there anything that has remained unfinished from the previous year? Can you complete it? If yes, then do so. If you can't, then decide whether it truly needs to be done. Ask yourself, 'Why haven't I completed it? Is it necessary? Do I even need it?" Yes? - Then take a step towards completing it. No? Then make a conscious decision to let it go.

Summer is about the heart. Nurture your relationships. Open yourself to love. Follow your heart. Live with passion! The pericardium is an organ that lines your heart; it keeps it safe. However, if you have been hurt or are afraid of love, then there may be excess ‘padding’ around your pericardium than needs to be released. Too much protection can keep love away. It’s time to heal those past hurts, release your fear and embrace love the way you always dreamed someone would love you.

Small Intestine
The small intestine is also connected to Summer. This organ’s job is to receive our food, absorb nutrients and pass the rest along its way. With so many fresh vegetables and fruits in summer, it’s easy and enjoyable to look after our small intestine. Add some water and exercise to assist with movement and you’ll have the vitality, glow and energy to make the most of your summer.

Our small intestine has another job too. It absorbs, filters and discards what we see, hear and feel. Allowing it to complete this cycle keeps us healthy. You can help by opening yourself up to this process – don’t suppress your emotions and words. Don’t turn a blind eye or a deaf ear. See it, hear it, feel it and then let it go.

Most importantly summer is related to happiness ☺ So enjoy the sunshine, spend time with loved ones and celebrate summer’s element – fire – with a bbq and friends!



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