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Surviving winter - Cold and flu preventative measures

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To decrease your chances of getting a cold or flu this year:

1. Health Maintenance
Maintain your immunity with healthy living: diet, exercise, mental health and relaxation.

Stress, overworking, a poor diet and lack of exercise and sleep can all lower your immunity, thus making you more susceptible to illness.

2. Diet
Boost your immunity with fresh fruit and vegetables. If needed, take winter supplements such as vitamin C and Echinacea. Stay hydrated with fresh water and herbal teas.

Reduce food and drinks with sugar and caffeine as these can impair your immunity.

3. Hygiene
Wash your hands frequently to avoid being infected by contaminated surfaces. Plain soap and water is sufficient and preferable to antibacterial soap.

Dry your hands thoroughly after washing. If a family member has a cold or flu, then have them use a different hand towel to the rest of the family. (Note: In public rest rooms, it is better to dry your hands with paper towels than a hand dryer).

Avoid touching your mouth, nose and eyes if your hands are unwashed.

Breathe deeply (into your diaphragm). Shallow breathing weakens the immune system.

Breathe though your nose rather than your mouth. Your nose has a natural filtering system against germs.

5. Circulation
Increase your circulation and immunity with regular exercise, massage and by adding chilli, garlic, onion and ginger to your meals.



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