Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas
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Natural Energies College, Complementary Therapies Diplomas


College Break

The college will be closed from the 11th of December for the end of year break and will recommence on the 3rd of February 2021.

Emails will be checked and responded to once a week during the college break.

New Courses!

Thank you to all our students and graduates for your wonderful support over the years. In response to requests for further study, we are delighted to introduce the following new courses:-

Short Courses
Food tastes better when it's made with love, and this is the approach that was taken with these short courses. They were created with love, inspiration and soul; and we hope this is imparted to you as you turn each page. 

Inspired by the 7 main chakras, we have 7 self paced short courses; each with two levels - to inspire you, feed your soul, nourish your mind and fulfil your heart. Consider these courses your own  personal spiritual coach.

Further Information

Diploma in Spiritual Counselling
This course takes our above-mentioned short courses and combines them with Holistic Counselling, Metaphysical Studies and Clinical Practice; to qualify you as a Spiritual Counsellor.  This diploma is for anyone that believes there is more to life than what we can see and touch; and wants to be a guiding light for others.

Further Information


Covid 19

In light of Covid 19, the college has made the following temporary changes:

  • Study materials will be sent to students via email/online to ensure student and staff safety. 
  • We have made the requirements for study and practical activities more flexible to enable students to continue with their studies whilst adhering to social distancing rules. 
  • Should a student find themselves unable to study at any point in 2021 due to Covid 19, they will be able to put their course on hold and will not incur a reinstatement fee once they resume their studies. Students can place their course on hold for as long as they need to.





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