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Sacral Centre Levels 1 and 2

Sacral Centre Levels 1 and 2

Course Details

The sacral centre is our pleasure centre – it encourages us to follow our heart’s desire, to embrace life, to let go and fearlessly surrender; to live our life with a light heart and to create harmony within our relationships. 

And this is what the sacral centre short courses aim to do.

Explore the balance of your sacral centre, sway to the music and affirmations of the sound healing meditation, create your own sacral centre altar, build on your life satisfaction, live creatively and more. 

Study Materials

  • Level 1 - 1 printable and interactive PDF manual - 81 pages  (includes theory, pictures, practical activities, quizzes, puzzles, worksheets and video file)
  • Level 2 - 1 printable and interactive pdf manual - 67 pages (includes theory, pictures, practical activities, quizzes, worksheets and meditation sound files)
  • Access to the Student Portal on our website
  • Access to our private student Facebook group
  • Email tutorial assistance - Monday to Friday during business hours

Syllabus - Level 1

Unit 1 - Sacral Chakra Altar
This unit is all ‘hands on’. With the guidance of the course notes, you are going to create a  sacral centre altar that is personalised to your needs.  

This altar will be used throughout levels 1 and 2 of the sacral centre chakra courses for meditation, to enhance the wellbeing of your sacral centre; and for manifesting. 

Unit 2 - Life Satisfaction
The sacral centre is synonymous with desires, pleasure and joy. But to be satisfied with life, we need more than just fleeting experiences of happiness. It is only in combining pleasure with fulfilment that we can achieve a more sustained contentment. 

In this unit you will implement a technique that examines your everyday life, and the building blocks required for satisfaction and fulfilment.

Unit 3 - The Nature of Water
In Level 1 of the Base Chakra Short Course, you were guided by earthy aspects of nature such as rocks and greenery. Now it is water’s turn to share its wisdom. Water is the element that is associated with the sacral centre.

In this unit you will look at the nature of water and what you can learn from it. Along with exploring the fluidity of your mind, this unit is designed to get you up and moving; movement also being an association of the sacral centre.

Unit 4 - Creative Living
Creativity takes no particular skill or talent other than to feel, to see, to experience and choose. This unit focuses on your home (or workspace); and your wardrobe. Our clothes are not just coverings; and our home is not just shelter. 

They are both an extension of you – your personality; your thoughts, your desires and direction.  Your choices can propel you forward or hold you back.

What does your décor and clothes say about you? And do your choices match the direction in which you want to go? 

Unit 5 - Surrender
Surrender the fight; surrender the control and enjoy the peace that comes with it. The message is short but the unit is thorough. 

Begin with exploring where your balance is – surrender, control or somewhere in between? We then examine all the sneaky ways in which control seeps in without us even realising. We look at the ‘what’ and the ‘why’.

Life isn’t black and white; but all shades in between; and thus so too is this topic.

Unit 6 – Clairsentience
It wouldn’t be a chakra course if there wasn’t a metaphysical twist to nourish the soul and exercise that intuitive gut feeling that exists in us all. 

In addition to some more traditional clairsentient exercises, you’ll also learn in this unit, a unique activity that will enable you to intuitively assess and balance each of your main chakras.

Syllabus - Level 2

Unit 1 - Overactive Balanced Underactive
Is your sacral centre overactive, underactive or balanced? Does it need calming or boosting? This interactive unit allows you to identify any overactive and underactive mental, emotional and spiritual  traits you might have. It provides you with an overall picture of how balanced your sacral centre is, which areas you may need to address,and how to go about doing that.

Unit 2 - Mandala
This unit you will take what you learnt about your sacral centre in Unit 1, and apply this knowledge to create your own personalised sacral centre mandala. Using colour therapy, your mandala will be created to suit your wellbeing needs, depending on whether your sacral centre requires calming or boosting.

Unit 3 - The Social Self
Who you are socially is dictated by your sacral centre. An open carefree energy creates an ease in socialising and enables us to access our uninhibited side. But when this chakra is underactive we find it hard to let go of the serious self and have fun.

This unit explores how to break away from that self-conscious, inhibited side and embrace the carefree aspect of the sacral centre. 

Unit 4 - A Light Heart
There is a moment – long or short – in childhood, in which we are the essence of a light heart. A time when to be light, fun, silly, were an essential and normal part of life. And then we grow up.

Gradually life begins to wear us down, a little here and there; and before we know it our lightness is but a distant memory. Until now. It’s time to bring back your lightness; and make ‘playful’ your new mantra.

If you have to trudge through the mud of life, then take the time to roll in it. Gleefully.

Unit 5 - Relationships
Humans are hardwired to seek out relationships. We are made to connect with others – whether this is platonically or intimately. We need to feel heard, loved, understood and wanted. 

But sometimes our idea of a relationship and the reality don’t quite match. And thus we find ourselves dissatisfied. This unit acts as somewhat of a reality check; as to achieve what we want, we first need to understand the what, how and why. 

Unit 6 - Sacral Centre Meditation
This ocean inspired and interactive guided meditation combines music and sound that resonates with the sacral centre; to strengthen it, encourage healthy energy flow and restore balance; enabling your chakra to be in line with your intentions and goals.


Minimum Duration: Each level has a 2 week minimum duration. It is recommended that students allow approximately one month to complete each level. A one month study schedule is included in each course should you like to use it as a guide.
Hours of Study: Each level has 30 hours of study and training, however this may vary depending on the student's study pace.


Study Format

Home Study - Students will complete the entire course from home, with tutorial assistance available via email (Mon-Fri), and access to our private student Facebook group; and our Student Portal which contains a myriad of resources to assist students with their studies.
Manuals - Each level contains reading material and learning activities, both theory and practical, that the student can complete at their own leisure. (There are no assignments or homework to be submitted with the short courses). 
Exam - Each level has an open book online multiple choice exam to be completed at the end of the course. Students only need to complete the exam if they want to receive a Certificate of Completion. The exam can be repeated if required.

Course Fees: (Incl. GST)

Per Level:
Sacral Centre Level 1: $85    (concession $75)
Sacral Centre Level 2: $85    (concession $75)
* Students must be 16 years of age or older to enrol in the short courses. (Enrolments may be accepted for students under 16 with parental permission)

** Students under 18 are eligible for concession - proof of age required. Students 18 and over are eligible for concession if they have a health care card from Centrelink.

Note: For the next three months, (till 30th June 2020), due to the impact of Covid 19, we will not be requiring proof of concession status. Concession fees are offered on a trust basis to any applicant that has experienced financial hardship due to Covid 19.


General Information


The short courses are components of the Diploma in Spiritual Counselling. Students that complete any of the short courses, will receive credit, should they wish to continue their studies with the Diploma in Spiritual Counselling.

  • All course fees are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST. Payment options (without GST are available to students living outside of Australia).
  • All payments are strictly non refundable.
  • Government funding such as Austudy and Centre Link study allowance are not available with these courses. 
Computer/software requirements for the manuals:
  • Recent or the latest version of Adobe Reader (this can be downloaded free from the internet);
  • A sound card (this usually comes already installed on a computer)
  • Internet access is required to download your manuals; to access the Student Portal and complete the online multiple choice exam. 
All course particulars are subject to change in order to maintain up to date information and meet any new industry standards and AHHCA regulations. Students will be informed of any relevant changes as they arise. 


I do not live in Australia. Can I still enrol in your courses? 
Yes, our correspondence courses are available to overseas students from New Zealand, Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Overseas* students may enrol in any of the chakra short courses or the certificate and diploma courses in holistic counselling, spiritual counselling, complementary therapies, colour therapy, metaphysical studies and crystal healing. 

* Exclusions may apply. Please email the college if your country or region is not specifically listed above.
* Student visas are not available with our courses.


Can the short courses be completed in any order?
Yes, they can. But ideally you would begin with level 1 of the Base Chakra and work your way up to the Crown Chakra; to get the most benefit. 

If you prefer to complete them out of order, then level 1 (of any of the short courses) should be completed before level 2. 

Can I study more than one short course at a time?
Yes, you can study any two short courses simultaneously.

Do I have to complete all short courses before moving on to the Diploma in Spiritual Counselling? 
No, you can enrol in the diploma at any time, and complete the short courses as part of the diploma.

Do I need to complete the exam before I move on to another short course?
No, you can enrol in any of the other short courses at any time, with or without completing the exam.

Who are the short courses suitable for?


  • Existing practitioners that would like to add to their existing qualifications.
  • Existing practitioners that need to meet AHHCA (or other industry association) yearly professional development hours. 
  • People that would like to begin their studies slowly with a short course prior to deciding whether to proceed with the Diploma in Spiritual Counselling. 
  • Existing practitioners seeking to maintain their own wellbeing so that they can 'walk their talk'.


  • People that would like to learn more about the chakras and maintaining their wellbeing or advancing their spirituality.
  • People that would like a guide to follow in establishing and maintaining a spiritual, holistic or wellbeing routine.
  • People that would like to take an indepth look at the health of their chakras and self assess their holistic health and wellbeing.
  • People that would like take charge of their wellbeing, improve their life and achieve their goals.

Do I receive a certificate upon completion of a short course? 
Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion, after you successfully complete the online multiple choice exam.

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